Groundbraking Connection System


Groundbraking Connection System


SeAlign misalignment technology featured on FFU website

SubseaDesign’s SeAlign connection system is continuously making a larger footprint in the subsea market. With the most recent contracts awarded for multiple Equinor projects, the size range is rapidly expanding. After a busy coming year, filled with design and qualification activities, the portfolio will cover up to 36”.

The SeAlign connection system was developed and patented over 10 years ago. Over the years, prototypes were manufactured and tested, with a few actual deliveries. The product’s breakthrough came in 2016 when SubseaDesign was awarded the diver misalignment flange scope for Johan Sverdrup Phase 1 by Statoil. More than 50 connections were delivered in sizes 8”, 14” and 18”.  Tie-in was completed before summer this year, with very positive feedback from Equinor and the team from Subsea7. Key words used were ease of operation, safe and effective diving.



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SeAlign Misalignment technology featured on FFU website