Subsea Hydraulic Coupler



With SubseaDesign’s hydraulic coupler it is possible to pressure test to full system working pressure against the retracted coupler without the need for an additional test cap. Due to the compact design and self sealing abilities of both sides of the coupler, ingress from sea water is confined to a minimum.

The couplers are fully DNVGL design approved and qualified to 3000 m (10.000ft) water depth.

The connectors can be applied on subsea wellhead connectors, riser connectors, emergency disconnect packages, quick release stab plates and emergency disconnect points.

These state of art couplers tolerates high angle interconnection and allows for both front and rear loading into hubs.

Open position


Typical application:

Operating condition:

Re-use of seals> 10 makes and breaks
Temperature range29 deg C to 141 deg C
Material classISO Class FF
Water depth3000 m
Design life30 years
Service life30 years

Technical data:

PressureWorking1034 bar (15 000 psi)
Design1034 bar (15 000 psi)
Test1551 bar ( 22 490 psi)
MaterialCombination of high strength high alloyed corrosion resistant materials, including 25% Cr Duplex, Titanium and Ni-based alloys.
Mate/forceTypical 29 kNDepending on tolerance through hubs
Flow properties (by simulations)CV value (US)3.1
Design StandardISO 13629 / API 6a