Fast track delivery for riser-wellhead connector

We are proud to announce the successful delivery of a 13-5/8” riser-wellhead connector to Claxton Engineering Services Ltd, achieved in a record time of just 3 ½ months from the receipt of the main purchase order. This milestone underscores our commitment to efficiency and excellence in delivering high-quality engineering solutions.

The connector was designed in-house and built around a SeAlign clamp, our first and only ROV-operated clamp in the market with misalignment capability. The fabrication of parts was a collaborative effort, involving both local and international suppliers, ensuring optimized production, reducing lead time, and achieving cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

Following fabrication, the connector was expertly assembled and rigorously tested in our workshop, guaranteeing its readiness for deployment. The shipment was dispatched last week, marking the culmination of a highly coordinated and expedited production process.

This achievement reflects our dedication to meeting the stringent requirements of our clients and our ability to deliver complex projects within tight timelines. We extend our gratitude to all partners and team members who contributed to this successful project.

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Fast track delivery for riser-wellhead connector
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