Break-Away Sub


simple, reliable and MORE cost effective

SubseaDesigns Break-Away Sub is a simple, reliable and cost efficient alternative to more complex weak links. Originally designed for protecting hoses during well intervention.

Break-Away Sub - SubseaDesign

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Break-Away Sub - SubseaDesign

how it works

An example of use of the Break Away Sub is a delivery to a well intervention system. The Break Away Sub is in this case is mounted inline the control line of typical Fail-Safe Closed valve. The Break Away Sub is hung off on the subsea structure with a wire with a capacity exceeding the  hose.  During drift off the hose will take up a straight-line position from the wire hang-off point to the vessel and at a certain tension load the Break Away Sub will separate without introduction any loads to the valve

Illustration of Break Away Sub used for controlling a Safe Closed Valve for a well intervention task

Break-Away Sub - SubseaDesign
Hangoff point at subsea structure
To / from surface HPU
Control line to valve

Technical data

Design codeISO 13628
Prepared for hoses up to 3 inch
570 mm (1/2-inch hydraulic hose)
Overall diameter
240 mm (1/2-inch hydraulic hose)
Design pressure690 bar limited by stab
Material Typical duplex or superduplex
Weight 49 kg (1/2-inch hydraulic hose)
Weight N/A