Pig Stopper



The SubseaDesign pig stopper keeps control of your pig launching sequence. It maintains the pig position before launch.

It is quick and easy to operate for the ROV.

Subsea pig stopper features and benefits:

Typical application:

how it works

The handle is rotated by the WROV manipulator, the nut fixed to the stopper bolt transfer it to its end positions. The flexible handle is equipped with links to prevent bending of the drive screw.

The indicator shows the correct positions for the stopper bolt. In the end positions the pig stopper has metal seals to give a leak tight permanent connection for the internal pressure.

Open position

D-handle with flexible links

End flange with thrust bearings

Position indicator

SeAlign clamp and hub connection

Weld-o-let welded to pipe

Testing and Qualifications
Design codeISO 13628
4” ID
Design pressure515 bar
Max. water depthNo limitation
Design temperature
-29°C to 121°C
25 years
CoatingAs required by project

Technical data

Stopper bolt
Super Duplex 25%Cr
HousingSuper Duplex 25%Cr
FlangesSuper Duplex 25%Cr
ClampSuper Duplex 25%Cr
Drive screwSuper Duplex 25%Cr
ReceptacleSuper Duplex 25%Cr
Nut and bearings
Al bronze
SealInconel x-750
Weight26 kg
End to end dimension
1050 mm
FlangesAPI, ASME or SPO, Grayloc or SD flange or to contractor specification