ROV Buckets


ROV Buckets

IS0 13628-8 ROV buckets

The subsea ROV torque tool bucket dimensions are designed according to subsea industry codes as API 17D, API 17H, and ISO 13628-8 standard torque tool interfaces. The buckets or receptacles cover the complete range of subsea torque tools and operation class 1 through 4, class 5, class 6 and class 7.

There are two ROV bucket designs: one standard with a circular top support plate and one with a rectangular top support plate. For ball valves application, an end stop with a quarter turn capability and position indicator could be integrated into the design. Special ROV bucket designs can be made upon request.


ROV Bucket with circular top support plate

Technical data for ROV bucket, CLASS 5
Design codeISO 13628-8
Size pipe216 mm diameter
Height219 mm
Width360 mm
Weight23.5 kg
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