4 inch stab connector



The subsea EQD stab connector allows hoses to be connected/disconnected subsea, hydraulically or mechanically by ROV. It can be used as an Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) stab and may include control of 2 barrier valves through hydraulic coupler.

Features & Benefits

how it works

The subsea stab is an Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) stab that is self locking by entering into the receptacle. Two barrier valves can be controlled by the unit.

Testing and Qualifications

Design codeISO 13628
Size4 1/16”
Design pressure690 bar
Max. water depthNo limitation
Design temperature-29°C to 121°C
CoatingXylan coated

Technical data

Locking fingersSuper Duplex 25%Cr
Locking ringSuper Duplex 25%Cr
Locking nutSuper Duplex 25%Cr
SleeveSuper Duplex 25%Cr
StabSuper Duplex 25%Cr
ReceptacleSuper Duplex 25%Cr
SpringsElgiloy /MP35 N
Seal / O-ringTeflon/H NBR 70
Weight116 kg
End to end dimension661 mm
Flanges/ TerminationsAPI, ASME, SPO flange, or to contractor specification