Weak Link


Protecting your assets

The SubseaDesign Weak Links are designed to accept internal design pressure in combination with external specified bending moment. At specified load, the Weak Link releases. The Weak Link is easily tailored to your specific applications.

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An example of use of the weak link is a recent delivery to a well intervention system. The weak link is mounted between the hose and the well access system. In the case of vessel drift-off or extreme weather conditions the weak link will break before any high loads are transferred to the well system.

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Illustration of intervention hose with weak link during testing prior to delivery

tested to failure

Technical data:

Design codeISO 13628/7
Size, internal diameter50-125 mm
Length of unit with ID= 101,5 mm ID 235 mm
Minimum wall thickness ID= 101,5 mm9,1 mm
Design over pressure690 bar
Material for 690 bar and ID= 100Inconel 718
CoatingTypical Norsok system 7, or as required


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