Suction Hatches


High Capacity Suction hatch for suction anchor installation / retrieval

SubseaDesign suction hatches are highly efficient during the subsea operation. It is supplied prepared for welding into suction anchor top and can be delivered with pipe outlet to interface with a suction system.

It can also be delivered with integrated suction stab receptacle.

features and benefits


Hatch with electrical strapping for long term service
Hatch with integrated stab receptacle
Template during installation with SubseaDesign delivered suction hatches

how it works

During installation, the hatch is secured in opened position. After suction anchor landing and self-penetration, the ROV will remove the securing mechanism. Thehatch then closes by freefalling.  The ROV will operate the handles to closed positions.

During suction anchor retrieval the suction hatch will be opened when the suction anchor is ready to be lifted out of the ground.  The operation handles will be released, and the hatch is rotated with the assistance of a lift wire to surface.

technical data

Design codeISO 13628
Size700 mm diameter
Weight 452 kg
Design suction pressure20 bar
Design over pressure20 bar
Max. water depthNo limitation
Lifetime25 years
CoatingTypical Norsok system 7, or as required