WLR – Wellhead Load Relief

During offshore drilling operations, the subsea wellhead is subjected to static and cyclic bending moments caused by wave loads and offset of the drilling rig/vessel and marine riser which is connected to the top of LMRP/BOP stack.

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‘SeAlign’ – Self Aligning Connector

SeAlign is developed together with Statoil and Innovasjon Norge. The system allows Misaligned Pipes and Misaligned Flanges to be connected at an angle up to +/- 3 deg, hence eliminating any need for applying alignment moment during connection.

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Projects and Engineering

SubseaDesign is a multidisciplinary technology company that achieve successful project deliveries with a skilled and experienced staff.

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Hydraulic couplers

Metal to metal seal hydraulic couplers.
DNVGL approved
Working pressure: 10000 psi
Waterdepth: 3000m waterdepth.

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Suction anchors

SubseaDesign has designed and delivered more than 40 suction anchors (2021).
Max diameter supplied: 6m
Max length supplied: 12m

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Suction hatches

SubseaDesign suction hatches are highly efficient during the subsea operation. It is supplied prepared for welding into suction anchor to and can be delivered with pipe outlet to interface with suction system
It can also be delivered with integrated suction stab receptacle

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Anti vibration clamp

SubseaDesign ROV operable anti-vibration clamps prevents flow induced vibration to escalate above threshold where piping arrangement could see fatigue damages:

  • Pure mechanical design. No active hydraulic components
  • Grabs around the piping in one end and secures the stationary part in the other end
  • Can be installed on existing piping systems subsea

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Break away sub

SubseaDesigns Break away sub is a simple, reliable and cost efficient alternative to more complex weak links. Originally designed for protecting hoses during well intervention.

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Weak Link

The SubseaDesign Weak Links are designed to accept internal design pressure in combination with external specified bending moment. At specified load, the Weak Link realeases. It is strong enough for operation and installation loads and weak enough to protect assets.

The Weak Link is easily tailored to your specific applications.

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Check valve - 4 inch

Designed for high pressure and flow service
Unique drop shape and dynamic design allows flow with minimum pressure drop
No risk for cavitatio
No flow restriction and full area through valve
Valve opening pressure adapted up to 5 bar
Metal-to-metal sealing between contact surfaces. Optional polymer back-up seal.

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4 1/16" Quick Disconnect Stab Connector

The subsea EQD stab connector allows hoses to be connected/disconnected subsea, hydraulically or mechanically by ROV. It can be used as an Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) stab and may include control of 2 barrier valves through hydraulic coupler.

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Linear Rope Tensioner

The Linear Rope Tensioner (LRT) is a rope tensioner with capability to continuously pull excess length of wire before application of final pretension. The tensioner is designed for use subsea in the Wellhead Load Relief (WLR) system.


  • Capability to continuously pull excess length of wire, significantly reducing the rig time for BOP tethering
  • Provides flexibility in adjusting length of wire required for each tension line which overcomes the need to have several lengths of adjustment wire
  • Integrated load monitoring
  • Final pretension application using SubseaDesign drive screw system
  • Interfaces with standard guide pods for templates, clump weights and suction anchors

Two configurations:

  • LRT with Initial Tension Unit (ITU) ROV operated with hydraulic initial tensioning
  • LRT with Snatch Block (SB) ROV operated with rig assisted initial tensioning

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Pig stopper

Subsea pig stopper features and benefits:

  • The subsea pig stopper prevents the pig to move unintended and prevents more than one pig to be launched simultaneously
  • The pig stopper is operated by the WROV manipulator by rotating the flexible handle until the stopper is in end positions.
  • ROV operator is based on non-rising stem principle.
  • Metal seals at end positions with polymer back-up seal
  • Stopper rod extends to center of pipe
  • Horizontal, vertical or in-between position to give access to operator

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