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Suction anchor solutions

SubseaDesign provides full service within suction anchor design, fabrication and testing.

Suction Anchor - SubseaDesign AS
Mooring line support features and benefits


Suction Anchor - SubseaDesign AS

how it works

After landed the suction anchor on seabed at location and self penetration stopped, the suction hatch is closed suction is applied until the anchor reached target depth.

After a certain soil consolidation period, the anchor is ready to mooring line tensioning.


Mooring lines support for BOP during drilling
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Mooring lines support for offshore windmills

Seabed securement via suction anchors.

Suction Anchor - SubseaDesign AS
Suction Anchor - SubseaDesign AS

technical data

Design codeISO 13628
ISO 19901-4
DiameterLargest delivered is 6 m
Length Longest delivered is 12 m
Design suction pressureUp to 20 bar
Design over pressureUp to 20 bar
Max. water depthNo limitation
Lifetime25 years
Coating on top sectionTypical Norsok system 7, or as required