SubseaDesign delivered the complete engineering package for the template and manifold structure as well as the remotely operated 6” and 10” SeAlign connection system with caps and tooling package.

Facts Bauge Foundation;

  • Length = 19,8m
  • Height = 10.7m
  • Width = 10,7m
  • Well spacing = 11m
  • Weight in air = 186T
  • Suction anchors with one well located in each suction anchor.
  • Installed as single unit avoiding lifting frame.

Bauge foundation consist of the suction anchors and a welded top frame. The primary object is to obtain and distribute all loads and forces from the two conductor housings to an acceptable level. It is also designed to handle tie-in loads, support the protection covers and Manifold structure.

The Suction anchors is a cylindric welded 30mm plate with an outer diameter of Ø5m and a well spacing of 11m. The center pipe (37”) is welded towards the suction anchor cylinder with use of share plates at the bottom. Top of the duction anchor has vertical stiffeners to transfer the drilling loads from the well bay to the suction and eventually out in the soil. Each suction anchor is fitted with subsea operate ventilation hatches. 

Facts Bauge Manifold;

  • Length = 13,6m
  • Height = 5m
  • Width = 8,7
  • Weight in air = 102T
  • 10” Production header
  • 8” Branch line
  • 6” Gas lift header
  • 3” MEG header
  • FIV Clamp (SubseaDesign AS design)
  • UTH, CDU, Service Hub, Logic Cap and SAM.

Bauge Manifold is retrievable. It accommodates all large bore piping, small bore piping and flying leads. All control system equipment is integrated.  And possible future integrations are accounted for and be able to retrofit to original design. 

Both production and gas lift header are design for tie-in on both ends. Manifold production piping is insulated. The main header is 10” piping, branch piping is 8” and gas lift header is 6” piping. Flexibility for the connection between the manifold and XT is achieved by vertical loops in the central manifold. Isolation valves is included in the production piping.

Service piping consist of 3” gas lift line and 3” MEG line.

Protection covers is made of GRP and hinged to the foundation structure.

The template foundation was installed summer 2019. And the Manifold structure was installed summer 2020, both successfully. The production startup is planned for 2022.