Wellhead Fatigue – Wellhead Load Relief (WLR)

Reduced Wellhead Fatigue loads – Wellhead Load Relief System

Increased safety and efficiency for drilling operations


During drilling, completion and work over operations, cyclic loads are transferred through BOP stack and into the well system. SD’s WLR system opens for continued drilling on existing wells with limited rest fatigue life.


SubseaDesign’s WLR system is field proven from Statoil installations:

  • Reduces cyclic loading on wellhead resulting in increased fatigue life
  • Successfully applied on 7 wells through 2014 – 2015
  • 60 – 80% reduction in cyclic bending moments
  • Designed for all types of BOP’s and Subsea Well Protection Systems
  • Installation of the system will normally be planned off rig time
  • Compliant with NORSOK U-001 Edition 4


  • The BOP is connected to and supported by the protection structure using the WLR system
  • After pre-tension is applied, the WLR system will provide support to the BOP and relief the wellhead from part of the critical cyclic loads