Febr. 2018. SubseaDesign continue the success with Tie-in Connection Misalignment Technology:

Statoil has awarded SubseaDesign the contract for the Subsea Tie-in System for the Bauge field development project. The delivery will be based on the SeAlign misalignment connector technology operated by ROV. SubseaDesign was in 2016 awarded the contract by Statoil for delivery of SeAlign diver assisted misalignment connectors for Johan Sverdrup.

“We see that the oil majors now starts to benefit from the misalignment capabilities built into our SeAlign connectors and we look forward to continue to support this market” says Eivind Rasten – Managing Director of SubseaDesign.

The work has started, and delivery will be in Q4 2018 and Q1 2019.


Press article in TU – Teknisk Ukeblad 28.04.2016


April 2016

Press release

SubseaDesign AS is awarded a Frame agreement with Statoil for delivery of SeAlign™ subsea misalignment connectors. The first call off includes 8’’ – 12’’ – 14’’ and 18’’ diver assisted flange connectors of a total number of 72 connections for the Norwegian oil and gas field Johan Sverdrup.

The delivery will take place in 2016 – 2018.

The SeAlign™ connectors allow misaligned pipes and flanges to be connected at an angle up to +/- 3 degrees, eliminating any need for applying alignment forces during connection. The SeAlign™ design can also be used in ROV and remotely operated connections for free water depth. This represent a major recognition of SubseaDesign AS and the SeAlign™ technology, and a large opportunity for establishing a new product in the market.

Statoil participated in the early beginning of the development of SeAlign™ through their LOOP program, which now has been brought into a delivery phase.

Also, ‘Innovasjon Norge’ participated with financial funding.

SubseaDesign AS is an engineering and delivery company recognized for our high level of competence, providing systems, products and services for the oil and gas industry.


SeAlign 18'' diver flange

Dec. 2015 – Photo shows SeAlign Diver Assisted 18” flange connection at 3 deg. misalignment in test bench.


December 2015, another delivery of 18 3/4” CC to NOV; this time for installation on UK sector. Connector design is tailor made to fit operators specification. The connector design is based on SD’s Wellhead Connector design solution.

Collet C Harding 3



December 2015, Major contract to Statoil for delivery of WLR system in conjunction with drilling operations on an existing field.

The contract confirms SD’s strong position as the leading supplier of WLR systems on the WW market. The WLR (Wellhead Load Relief) system reduces cyclic bending loads on the Wellhead during drilling, for improved Wellhead Fatigue characteristics.


November 2015, major contract to Odfjell AS for delivery of WLR system components for enhanced safety during drilling related to Wellhead Fatigue.