Wellhead Connector – 18-¾’’ Collet Connector

The SubseaDesign 18-¾’’ Collet Connector

The opportunity to develop SD’s own Collet connector presented itself when challenged by our customer to customize a connector to fit to an existing riser base hub/interface.

SD scope of work consisted of design, manufacturing, qualification and commissioning 2 pcs. off 18 Collet Connectors to be placed in the North sea. Timeframe: 11 months from PO to delivery.

The up-facing hub faces are identical to the existing hub. This also applies for the seal surfaces on the connector body. The connector closed with hydraulic supply through the panel on the riser foot. Verification of a leak-tight connection was performed after installation by pressure test from the vessel to the ball valve up-stream of the connector.

Verification of the design and fabrication approved by the DNV.

The SubseaDesign 18-¾’’ Collet Connector

Product data:

Weight:                                               12,5 tons

Design pressure:             7500 Psi (517 Bar)

The connector is designed to comply with ISO 10423:2009. The main structural parts in the collet connector assembly consist of the two hubs, seal, locking ring and collet fingers.