As an independent testing agent, SD performs a number of different testing for a vast variety of clients in our top modern workshop. SD being a free standing alternative with in-house design, analyses, manufacturing and assembly of test jig’s. SD establishes and qualifies procedures to solve the most complex set of tests.


High capacity testing is performed including heavy loaded drilling and riser equipment (up to 1000 tons) and high pressure hydraulic equipment (up to 2000 bars).

Testing capacity includes:

  • Modern workshop with two cats traverse crane – 16 tons
  • Outdoor area for larger and high test stacks (i.e. riser equipment)
  • Heavy load capacity ≥ 1000 tons
  • Hydraulic pressure testing ≥ 2000 bars
  • Heating chamber from -800C to +2000C w/ programming functions
  • Engineering, design, analyses and fabrication of special testing equipment
  • Engineering capacity for establishing necessary design, testing and qualification procedures
  • Submerged water testing
  • Load testing with strain gauges
  • NDT (Non Destructive Testing)

3’rd party witness and certification are arranged.

Contact person:    Kennet Dokken        Tlf.: +47 932 22 327

                               Hans H. Fjelldal        Tlf.: +47 982 88 741

Address Workshop:     Hegsbroveien 72, 3403 Lier