‘SeAlign’ – Self Aligning Connector



Self Aligning Connection System

SeAlign is developed together with Statoil and Innovasjon Norge. The system allows Misaligned Pipes and Misaligned Flanges to be connected at an angle up to +/- 3 deg, hence eliminating any need for applying alignment moment during connection. This represent a major step forward compared to traditional pull-in and connection systems, where the alignment moments typically represent the major loads. SeAlign reduces stresses in the Pipeline, Spools and Manifold/PLEM piping drastically, hence simpler tooling.

The system comprises a compliant metal-to-metal seal. The compression force is achieved by a typical clamp connector, and the system is therefore also adaptable with existing connection systems.

The extreme alignment properties and easiness to install makes SeAlign the best choice for pipeline repairs.

SeAlign can either be used as a ‘stand alone’ connection system, or it can be adopted together with existing connection systems.

SeAlign 18'' diver flange

18” SeAlign flange connector at 3 deg. misalignment.


  • Connects Misaligned Pipes and Misaligned Flanges
  • Drastic Reduction of pipe stresses
  • Reduced dimensions of spool, terminations etc.
  • Eliminate alignment structures on inboard and outboard side
  • No need for high capacity connection tools
  • Smaller connection tools flown by ROV
  • Simplified testing arrangement as mainly axial forces are introduced
  • Reduced HISC issues in Duplex steels as per DNV-RP-F112